Non-Licensed Nursing Education

Virtual Caregiver

WHAT: A short vignette will provide job seekers with a "virtual walk" through a sampling of caregiver tasks. The primary goal is to introduce job seekers to the "real-life" job requirements before they accept a position or participate in costly training programs. This experience will provide a brief yet realistic exposure to a sampling of the environment and task structure within which a CNA or nursing assistant works that should help the user determine interest level with regard to pursuing a caregiving vocation.

Click here to access the Virtual Caregiver.

WHO/AREA AVAILABLE: This will be available to all Good Samaritan Centers via DVD. It is also available through the link for anyone with internet access. One-stop career centers, schools and others may also direct potential caregivers to view the Virtual Caregiver.

COST: There is no cost to access this.

TIME TO COMPLETE: The virtual walk will take approximately 10-25 minutes to view.

HOW DO I LEARN MORE? Visit this link or e-mail or leave a message on the toll free number 1.866.477.0253.